Checklist for successful real estate photos

The real estate market has been quite bumpy lately. In a buyer’s market, the quality of your marketing is critical.

Photos are the most crucial element of online advertising. Here are some tips to improve real estate photos and make agencies and sellers ring their phones.

Tips for your photos

Honest photos. It is different to choose not to show everything and to distort reality. Misused wide angles can turn a closet into a palace. Beware of the backlash during the visit if potential buyers feel the photos have misled them.

Use a wide-angle lens. Taking good pictures of most apartments or houses without a wide-angle lens is complicated or even impossible. A lens between 10 and 28mm is ideal for real estate photos.

Take care of the framing. Once you have chosen the point of view, take the time to visualize the space and ask yourself what elements should fit into the image. In general, think of the expression “Less is More.” Focus on the essentials and eliminate framing elements that do not provide any information.

Choose an honest point of view. When you take the picture, ask yourself a few questions. Do you photograph a room, the arrangement between several rooms or a detail? Frontally? Diagonally? Feel free to travel to evaluate different points of view until you find the right one.

Bring in the light. For the photo to attract the eye and make you want to visit the property, it must be bright. Too often, the pictures on the ads seem to remind of a stormy day during a power outage. Several options exist to have bright photos: extend the exposure time, use external flashes, touch-ups. Whatever the weather, the time of day, or the lighting of the room, you must be able to take a brilliant photo.

Show the beautiful view. For many buyers, sight is an essential element. It is, therefore, necessary that it is visible in your photos, but it is an element that can be difficult to photograph. That’s how to shoot a view for a real estate ad.

Mirror, windows, kitchen surfaces. There are several traps in the spaces of a house that we photograph. Avoid being seen (you or the person accompanying you during the shooting). The eye is always drawn to the people in the picture and will therefore no longer pay attention to the space you wanted to highlight.

Of course, beautiful photos are not enough to sell a property. But with quality photos, you significantly increase the visibility of your ads, and therefore the number of calls and visits.