How to be Succesful with your interior Real Estate Pictures

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You are a property owner, and you wish to sell or rent your apartment, your house, your castle, your mancave? Whether it is for temporary rental for holidays, a long-term rental or a sale, the stage of classified ads to be published in a newspaper or on a specialized site is essential.

Moreover, to make your ad as attractive as possible, you will have to take care of the photographs that illustrate it. A step too often neglected. You can then call upon a professional photographer or, if you have neither the time, nor the means, nor the desire, you can also follow our practical tutorial to learn how to emphasize your real estate advertisement.

The Internet also means images; in the plural, since, unlike an ad on paper, space is no longer limited. This is a real opportunity to seize since ad opening rates are more important and related to the number of visuals.”
The latter states that “up to 6 visuals, the opening rates of an ad in detail increase.” Finally, if this real estate specialist on the Web confirms the existence of a “relationship between the number of visuals and the attractiveness rate of an ad,” it was not possible for us to collect figures, because… they do not exist. However, beyond the quantitative, it is necessary to be interested in the qualitative. Beyond the number, there is also the quality of the visual, because if there are 10 photos of poor quality, it will not improve the speed of sale. That is the right thing to do: quality, we know how to do. Moreover, that’s what we’ll teach you immediately.

What is the ideal number of photos to illustrate a real estate ad?

tips for succesful shotsWe have already seen that an ad not illustrated was less attractive. One only cliché is not enough, because when visitors view your ad, too few images can cause frustration. On the contrary, it is also not necessary to illustrate too much: the photos are there to give desire and to stir curiosity, your future tenant/buyer must want to know more. Besides, it will be difficult to maintain consistent quality on too many images. In short, by experience, we recommend that you accompany your text with 5 to 15 images. This number can be adjusted according to the property you are presenting: a studio of 20 m2 necessarily requires fewer visuals than a castle.

Ideally, count one photo per room. The size of the room must justify several photos of the same room or if each visual brings new information. Select the first photo well: it is it which will capture (or not) the attention of the Net surfer.

The first visual, the one that will be displayed in miniature when your ad is presented to all the others in the search results, is the most important. This is your window. It is necessary that it is speaking, attractive, puts the potential visitor in good dispositions. Above all, it must make him want to know more and click.

Hierarchies your shots: even for an act as necessary as a real estate transaction, visitors have the natural urge. Be impactful, be organized: put forward the strong points of your property from the first four images. By not organizing your images, you take the risk of tiring.

Bonus: you cannot be satisfied with an ad in which only plans for your property appear. It is not speaking, and it does not help the visitor to project himself and, especially, unconsciously, it is interpreted as a will to mask the photographs of his good (poorly maintained walls, degraded ground, humidity…).

What to take a picture of?

You need two types of photos: a certain number outdoors and the rest indoors. In any case, always ask yourself these two questions: what did I like most when I moved in myself? What do I look at first when I go to someone’s house? Chances are your potential buyer/tenant will ask the same questions. Don’t hesitate to seek outside advice: as time goes by, you tend to lose sight of the defects and qualities of your property.