Top 5 Benefits of Painting Your Home

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Painting changes the appearance of your home. It can make the house more comfortable and give it a perfect look. Painting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to update or refresh your home. Painting your rooms and exterior is cost efficient and brings forth immediate results. Painting as a home improvement strategy has varied benefits to you and your family.

Here are some of the top benefits.

1. Increases Home Value

Painting the exterior and interior, and other surfaces will increase the real estate value of your house. In case you intend to sell the house, a fresh coat of paint can increase the resale value of your home and attract a lot of potential buyers. Painting helps to enhance the value of your assets.

2. Impressive remodel

a remodelled roomA fresh coat of paint gives your home a perfect and appealing look. It is one of the long-term investments you can make for your house. Painting is a good remodelling strategy that is cost efficient and refreshes your home and living environment. You get to enhance kerb appeal when you paint your exterior and other surfaces with quality paint.

Additionally, painting helps to change the outlook of your living environment and home when you change the exterior and interior colours. When the white or light colour is used for small rooms and spaces, they tend to appear bigger. Bright colours make a room more vibrant and fun.

3. Protects both exterior and interior

Painting your interior and exterior, trim and other surfaces keeps these places free from normal wear and tear. Painting these surfaces helps protect them from water damage. Painting the exterior walls protects your home from extreme inclement weather specifically ice and snow that can cause damages such as rotting. Exterior painting protects building materials and saves you from costly repair. Painting is an ideal way to protect your exterior from harsh weather conditions and insect infestations.

4. Promotes Healthy Indoor Air Quality

High-quality paints and finishes can help reduce fumes and odour, thus promoting healthy indoor air quality. Painting keeps off mould from your home. Mould elimination helps create quality indoor air for you and your family. If you are looking forward to improving the indoor air quality, consider using low VOC or zero VOC paint and finishes. Eco-friendly paint helps you to keep pollutants out from your home.

5. Helps Cover Permanent Stains and Marks

Painting your exterior, interior, trim, and other surfaces contributes to cover permanent stains and marks that are hard to remove. Therefore, painting helps to repair damages in your walls that have proven difficult to eliminate, and it gives your space a fresh look.

More so, painting keeps dirt and dust to a minimum. If your home is made of plaster walls, you can keep dirt and dust off by keeping the interior and other surfaces painted. Quality paint can help you keep dust at a minimum and plaster in check especially if your home has old interior surfaces. When a house is painted, it looks new and clean inside and out.
Here is an interesting infographic on the topic: