Types of Pool Fencing

pool balustrades for safety

With a pool fence, you can keep your family safe. This is because you can keep off your children from the pool when you are not with them. Also, you are able to restrict your pet from accessing the pool. With a safety fence, a pool becomes a safe place to relax. Here are different types of pool fences you can consider installing.

Aluminium Pool Fence

Aluminium fences never rust and are maintenance free. These fences have a lifetime warranty. They come in different colours and grades thus suitable for both commercial and residential application. This kind of fence adds value, security, and beauty to your pool. If you own a salt water pool, the aluminum fence is a fantastic option since you are not going to incur maintenance cost that results from rust.

Iron Fencing

This is another kind of fence you can install to enhance security around your pool. Wrought iron fence can be used for both commercial and residential purposes thus suitable for any application. Most of the iron fences have a warranty of 10 years thus you will undergo little maintenance. The fence can give your pool a perfect look, enhance safety and privacy.

All-safe Pool Fence

pool fences during summerThis kind of pool fencing is removable and is designed to protect children around pools. It is a lightweight fencing made of mesh fabric. The mesh material is durable thus difficult to tear. The fence has aluminium support poles that are strong, durable and well spaced. You can remove the fence and roll it up so that you can easily store it. This kind of pool fencing is an excellent safety solution if you have young children.

Glass Pool Fence

This type of pool fence is best for people who like transparency around the pool area. The fence is safe and can give your pool a perfect look. The only problem with this kind of fence is that it’s hard to clean, expensive, and is not removable.

Wood Pool Fencing

a type of bamboo fencing

A type of bamboo fencing

Wood pool fences are not transparent and therefore it is impossible to view the pool clearly. The beauty of the pool is obstructed with this kind of a fence. It’s a bit cheap to install and can last for a considerable duration.

Pool fencing costs

The cost of a pool fence varies depending on the kind of fence you want. You can incur a cost of up to twenty-five hundred dollars. This estimate includes materials to be used during installation. Other factors considered during estimate include the kind of fence, height, nature of the surface, fence footage, and components needed for perfect installation.

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